The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

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The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (The adventures of Ford Fairlane in Spain and Policía del mundo rock en Hispanoamérica) is a 1990 American comedy film that is played by the controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay, as the character Ford Fairlane. This is a private detective who handles music related cases in Los Angeles.

The film, directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2), was a commercial failure in the United States and received several Razzie awards. Despite this, it has become a cult film (especially in countries like Spain, Hungary and Norway) due to the phrases and expressions used by the protagonist.


Ford Fairlane is a private detective specializing in cases involving the world of music. In the film, he faces the case of the disappearance of the & # 34; groupie & # 34; Zuzu Petals (Maddie Corman) after the murder of Bobby Black, singer of the heavy metal group "The Black Death". The character Bobby Black is played by Vince Neil, singer of Mötley Crüe.

To find the murderers, he enlists the help of his secretary Jazz (Lauren Holly) and also a boy who follows him everywhere (Brandon Call), who wants Fairlane to help him find his father. The police are also searching for the killer, with Lt. Conrad at the helm, who is played by Ed O'Neill. Along the way, he must deal with powerful people in the recording industry, such as executive Julian Grendel (Wayne Newton) and his ex-wife Colleen Sutton (Priscilla Presley).



The film, which parodies detective films, tells the adventures of Ford Fairlane, a private detective working on cases related to the music industry. In fact, Fairlane was a member of a group as a young man, as can be seen in a scene from the film.

The film once received several Razzies, commonly called the anti-Oscars. The film was a commercial failure in the United States and had a discreet commercial result in Spain, but over time it has become a cult title among fans, and some of its phrases and expressions are commonly read in Internet forums and chat rooms..

The entire film is a vehicle for the showcasing of comedian Andrew Dice Clay, famed stand-up comedy stand-up comedian. In the United States he had a program on the MTV channel where he did monologues, generally obscene and with thick homophobic, racist and sexist humor, apart from insulting the public. After a particularly brutal monologue, there was a scandal, after which MTV banned him and his studio broke his contract, curtailing his acting career.

In this comedy we discover the most cheeky detective. He is a badass Elvis, irresistible to women and who always has a good phrase for any situation. He owns an upside-down Fender Stratocaster that belonged to Jimi Hendrix, a Ford Fairlane car, and is a regular at the best clubs in town where he drinks sambuca shakes.

In the office, his secretary is Jazz, probably the only smart girl Ford knows. They maintain a relationship similar to that of James Bond and Miss Moneypenny.

Dubbing in Spain

In Spain, his dubbing coincided with a strike by dubbing actors, which caused him to end up dubbing the main character the singer Pablo Carbonell. Precisely the dubbing is one of the aspects most appreciated by Spanish fans of the film, despite the fact that the treatment of the main character stands out for its extremely poor quality. The character of Zuzú Pétalos even sang at one point in the film the chorus of the song "Manolito", by the group Los Toreros Muertos, of which Carbonell was a part at that time.


The film's soundtrack features songs by Billy Idol and Yello, among others, who compose the main theme song "Unbelivable", a cover of a Jimi Hendrix song performed by Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and a theme performed by Andrew Dice Clay himself.

  1. "Cradle of Love" - Billy Idol
  2. "Sea Cruise" - Dion
  3. "Funky Attitude" - Sheila E.
  4. "Glad to Be Alive" - Lisa Fisher, Teddy Pendergrass
  5. "Can't Get Enough" - Tone Loc
  6. "Rock 'N Roll Junkie" - Mötley Crüe
  7. "I Ain't Got You" - Andrew Says Clay
  8. Last Time in Paris - Queensrÿche
  9. Unbelievable.
  10. "Wind Cries Mary" - Richie Sambora
  11. "Beyond the sea" - Bobby Darin