Stone Age

The Stone Age or also Lithic Stage It is the period of prehistory from the time humans began making stone tools to the discovery and use of metals. Wood, bones and other materials were also used (antlers, baskets, ropes, leather, or others), but stone (and, in particular, various rocks with conchoidal breakage, such as flint, quartz, quartzite, obsidian) was used to make cutting or percussion tools and weapons. However, this is a necessary circumstance, but not sufficient, for the definition of this period, since fundamental phenomena took place in it for what would be our future: human evolution, great technological acquisitions (fire, tools, clothing), social evolution, climatic changes,

The time range covered by this period is ambiguous, discussed and variable according to the particular region. Although it is possible to speak of this specific period, for the whole of humanity: it must not be forgotten that some human groups never developed the technology of metal smelting, and therefore remained submerged in a stone age until they encountered more technologically developed cultures. However, this period is generally considered to have begun in Africa 2.8 million years ago, with the appearance of the first human (or pre-human) tool.This period was followed by the Chalcolithic or Copper Age and, above all, the Bronze Age, during which tools of this alloy became common; this transition occurred between 6000 a. C. and 2500 a. c.

Traditionally, this Age is divided into the Paleolithic, with a hunting-gathering economic system, and the Neolithic, in which the revolution towards the productive agricultural economic system (agriculture and [[livestock]) takes place.

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