Senatus consultum

The senatus consultum (from latin: consults of the senate; plural senatus consulta) is one of the sources of Roman law. In the Republican era, it consisted of an advisory and non-binding opinion or opinion given by the Senate to a magistrate. In the imperial era it becomes an act with the force of law, emanating from the Senate, prior and in some very rare cases (for example, Macedonian Senateconsultant or Veleyan Senateconsultant), from other subjects.

The definition of the senateconsult formulated by the Roman jurist Gaius in his Institutiones is famous: G. 1.4

It was a decree of the senate, which the senate ordered and appointed; and this will take the place of the law, although it has been sought "(Translated into Spanish it would be: "The Senate has the force of law, no matter how much someone has put it as an object of discussion")

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