Ancient History

The Ancient history or Antiquity is a traditional period, widely used in the periodization of human history, defined by the emergence and development of the first civilizations that had writing, therefore called "ancient civilizations". Traditionally it has been the initial period of history proper, beginning with the invention of writing, preceded by prehistory. Some periodic schemes consider that there is a stage called "protohistory", between prehistory and the Ancient Age, defined by the emergence of the first civilizations without writing.

During the Ancient Age hundreds of civilizations of great importance emerged and developed on all continents, many of which generated products, institutions, knowledge and values ​​that are still present today, from Sumer (IV millennium BC) and Ancient Egypt, through the ancient Vedic civilizations in India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece and Rome, the Achaemenid Empire in Persia, Ancient South America, among many others.

In the course of the Ancient Age, cities and the process of urbanization, the State, law and law, as well as great religions such as Buddhism and Christianity, emerged.

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