The Responsa Prudentium of Roman Law

By: Anavitarte, E. J.*

The Responsa Prudentium was doctrinal interpretations of law provided by jurists or scholars, as a way to rule a given case; and as a whole, they constitute one of the most significant legal sources for the study of Roman law.

It has been his work─Ulpiano, Paulo, Gaius─which has allowed later romanists to understand the real scope of the legal institutions of the Roman people, which in the laws, was reflected without much care to the details.

Thus, and especially during the classical and post-classical periods, the jurisconsults would be in charge of unequivocally interpreting the majority of legally created institutions, and even those of customary creation, a role very similar to that occupied by praetorian jurisprudence in previous periods, but in a more systematic and orderly way.

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