Origins of the Roman Law

By: Anavitarte, E. J.*

The origins of Roman law are the set of pre-Roman influences, which allowed the consolidation of the legal system that the Romans used between the 8th century to 5th BC, and that they would end up being fully integrated into it.

Its two main pre-Roman influences were: (a) the Etruscans, geographically and culturally close to the Romans, and who determined their right from the foundation of the city until the beginning of the 5th century, and (b) the Greeks, who culturally dominated the Mediterranean after Alexander's conquests.

And it is precisely this mixture between one and the other, and the Roman identity itself that would be consolidated, which gave its law a unique character, as formal as a discipline of respect, as secular and free to be adapted, which would end up for making it their heritage to the Western world.

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