The Twelve Tables

By: Anavitarte, E. J.*

The Law in the Twelve Tables, was the first written compilation made by Romans of their own law system, with the aim of publicly expressing norms which hitherto were governed by unwritten customs, around the year 450 BC.

This compilation, marks a before and after in Roman legal history, and it can be said that Roman law, as a new legal─secular─discipline, started from its promulgation. Thus it was always for Romans the example of perfect law, both for its simplicity and conciseness in regulating the subjects it dealt with.

It was composed of twelve bronze tables, publicly hung in the forum, each of which contained norms and principles on a set of interrelated subjects; one about marriage, another about inheritance, and so on. Unfortunately to this day only records and some fragments that the Roman jurists made of their content have arrived.

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